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Zaman Safi FZE is committed to meet or exceed buyer expectations. Your information is a valuable commodity, as it is not only a key to your financial identity but also an important aspect of your online presence. Knowing how to keep it protected is a must, and Zaman Safi knows how to deliver services with peace of mind for information security to its valued customers. Zaman Safi protects personal information from the possible security threats with the following basic privacy policy.

  • Zaman Safi is following an Act on the Personal Protection of Information, an Act on use of Social Security and Tax Number System (also termed as “My Number”) in administrative procedure and other applicable laws, rules as well as guidelines established by government and other regulations.
  • An exclusive managerial framework is established by Zaman Safi to ensure the protection of personal information. A personal information protection administrator is assigned to ensure appropriate user information protection.

  • Zaman Safi utilizes user information within the scope of intended use communicated clearly to customers and take measures within the defined parameters. Zaman Safi does not disclose the information for a legitimate reason to the third party without the consent of the user/customer.

  • Zaman Safi ensures protection against information security threats by prohibiting unauthorized access to personal information, loss or damages.

  • Under regulations, Zaman Safi grants you the right to request copy of your personal information and seek ratification in case of inaccurate data.

Personal information includes name, address, contact number, email address, educational background and other information tidbits concerning the user as an individual. In other words, personal information is including all the details that define the user’s identity. All the details that help to identify a specific user are within the scope of the personal information.

Zaman Safi utilizes user information as per conditions specified in the Purpose of Use Policy. The purpose of use statement states the conditions for purpose of use as per the situation in which information was obtained.

  • To achieve the purpose of the use of business and services.
  • To notify the customer for the services
  • To give notice to shareholders, offer the provision of various types of information and shareholder management.
  • Exercise of duty or performance of an obligation is in compliance with the Act of Japan and other relevant laws and ordinances.
  • The timely and accurate response to requests and inquiries from customers.
  • Carry out all the operations to manage the Jaftim business properly and smoothly.

When personal information handling is beyond the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use, Jaftim will seek customer’s consent, except for the case prescribed under article 16 of the Privacy Act, paragraph 3.

Neither Zaman Safi nor third party can use your personal information without taking consent, unless or until any of the following conditions occurs:

  • Required for the enforceability of a particular law or ordinance.
  • Required for the protection of human life, body, and assets and it is time taking or hard to gain approval from customer in case of emergency.
  • Made available to the consignee within the parameters necessary to carry out business smoothly.
  • Use and sharing of information with the business partners of Jaftim within the scope of intended use.
  • Sharing information in an encoded format that makes it hard to identify or recognize that individual.

Zaman Safi shall not hold liable for the acquisition of personal information by the third party under the following conditions:

  • The user shared personal information to a specific company, utilizing functions under the service or by other means.
  • Users unexpectedly identified and recognized by information shared by user under services.
  • User intensively or mistakenly has provided Personal information at an external site linked by the services.
  • Another person obtained user information (ID, Password, etc) by any means and identify user as an individual.
  • In the case of computer viruses, hacking or other cyber security issues.

Zaman Safi works as a liaison between the user and the contractor, as it consigns all or part of customer’s personal information handling operations. It elects a professional contractor who is supposed to handle all security related issues. Security management measures such confidentiality, term and conditions for re-consignment, return of personal information and termination of contract agreement as well as appropriate supervision are conducted by the consignee.

Zaman Safi ensures confidentiality and anonymity of information and avoids sharing sensitive information with the third party. This condition may not apply to the information-sharing regarding your healthcare or case history except for the cases provided by Privacy Act, other relevant laws and ordinances.

The Zaman Safi use of specific personal information is limited to the prescribed purpose of use, and the purpose of use is as per “My Number” Act. We ensure the confidentiality of your information until or unless it is permitted under “My Number” Act.

Customer request regarding the notice of matters, suspension, amendments, use or disclosure of personal information held by Zaman Safi under the privacy act shall be direct to the “Contact Office”. After confirmation of the customer as requesting party, the customer will be required to complete the form designed by Zaman Safi. After form submission, the Zaman Safi will further proceed and provide writing responses as quickly as possible. The response of request for disclosure will be charged against the prescribed fees.

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Zaman Safi is more than a car exporting company, therefore, following rational security measure to manage the personal information and specific personal information. In an effort to prevent the divulgence and loss of damage Jaftim ensures accuracy necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

Zaman Safi provides an appropriate and instant response to your complaints and consultations for the handling as well as security of your personal and Specific information.

For further information and any inquiry regarding the handling and protection of personal and specific information, please check the following contact details:

Contact Office Company Name: Zaman Safi, Showroom No.368, “D” Block Ras Al Khor, DUCAMZ Dubai – U.A.E TEL: 0552474341 hajizamansafi368@gmail.com

Zaman Safi follows the standard practices and laws for information security, customer privacy protection and proper handling of personal information. In addition to this, it is also continuously striving to make improvements in privacy policy. Jaftim reserves all rights to revise or make changes as per the change in rules or laws without any prior notice. We will share the changes in privacy policy, and effective date once the policy is updated

Zaman Safi and the provisions of services will be governed under the laws of UAE. In case of any discrepancy or in case of any dispute aroused out of or related to the use of the website, the hearing and settlement would take place under the jurisdiction of UAE. The original version of this Privacy Policy has been prepared in Japanese. In the event of any disagreement between the other language and Japanese versions, the Japanese version will govern. The use of the Website and the interpretation of the content of the Website shall be governed by the law of Japan. Should any dispute arise out of or relating to the use of the Website, it is agreed that the initial hearing should take place under the jurisdiction of the Yokohama District Court.